Upcoming c-stack cost changes

We're changing the prices of a few c-stack items! While most costs are getting reduced, some by up to 1/3, the Lycan7 is having it's c-stack cost increased from 25 to 100. If you haven't already, make sure to pick it up before the change happens on Monday the 18th of December, it's a great SMG.

  • From 500 C-stacks to 200 C-Stacks
    • CAR4 Monument
    • KU59 Ruthless
    • A114 Sentinel
    • Mosconi12C the Poacher
    • R880 Porch King
  • From 300 C-Stacks to 150 C-Stacks
    • Bison Long Ranger
  • From 300 C-Stacks to 100 C-Stacks
    • All Enforcer gloves
    • All High Torques gloves
    • All Harsh Grabbers gloves
  • From 25 C-Stacks to 100 C-Stacks [list]
  • Compact7 Lycan