Hello heisters,

It's the first Friday of June, which means it's time for another PAYDAY Community Day! In case this is the first time you're hearing about this or joining in, the PAYDAY Community Days were started by pdLucky to encourage every heister out there to come play any of the PAYDAY games with the community. They also issue challenges over in the Community Day Discord server, for those interested in getting more involved.

We are happy to once again be supporting this initiative by offering all PAYDAY 3 players a Double Cash reward starting at 3PM CEST today until 10AM CEST on Monday morning. The streets of New York seem to have an abundance of loot this weekend!

We've now made it to Update 1.1.4, which among other improvements also gave a major overhaul on PAYDAY 3's progression. So jump in this weekend to check out the Operation Medic Bag improvements we made to the game and get some extra spending cash in the process!

It's time to fill those loot bags!