• For the past few days I'm trying to implement a Nebula log in without the need of username and password, but unfortunately Starbreeze limited this method of authentication only for their websites ( and
  • The only alternative for now is to enter your refresh token in the Username/Email field and leave the Password field empty in the Nebula login page. I won't go into details of how the refresh token is obtained, because I don't want to encourage hacking/exploiting.
    Credits to /u/babalaban for the idea.


  • Added Infamy information in Challenges pages. Its available only for the logged in with Nebula users.
  • Added filter for "In Progress" status with additional field for percentage above which to filter.


  • Removed the auto sync every 5 min of the challenges and achievements, because of high server load.
    Instead, a refresh button is added on the right side of the screen. It can be used every 5 min.
  • Fixed a bug where tracked challenges and achievements are not showing until they match with the selected filters.
  • Added a C-Stacks info page. It can be found at the icon in the C-Stacks reset countdown box. Got the idea from Zachary12567's post.
  • Added an Infamy levels info page. It can be found at the icon in the Infamy box at Challenges pages.

There are a lot of requests for features. Please, be patient. The next update is coming in a few days!