• Added option for changing password from Profile -> Settings.
    This is for accounts, NOT Nebula accounts.

Skill Builds

  • Added option to rename saved build.
  • Added option to reorder the builds list with drag & drop.
Saved builds can be found at Profile page or Skills page under Save/Load tab.

Skill Builds

Skill Builds


  • Added top 100 leaderboards pages for Total Kills, Kills by Specific Weapon, Heists Completions and Heists Speedruns (or Slowruns).

    Leaderboards will be enabled at later time, when the minimum amount of data is collected. To speed up this process, you can go into your Profile page and make a Full Update to your data (You need to be logged in through your Nebula account or your account and have Nebula connected.

    The leaderboards are based only on the users data.
    The results in the leaderboards can change drastically in the next few days, while we collecting the data.

    Thanks to neonsynth for the leaderboards idea!