Sign in with Nebula account is now supported.

The only way for now is login with your Username/Email address and Password to your Nebula account. Your credentials will not be saved or used anywhere. They will be used only one time for gaining an access token for the Nebula API. This access token will allow to request information about your challenges and achievements progress.

  • If you have a account, you can connect the Nebula account from Profile -> Connected accounts.
  • If you registered with Steam and DO NOT have a account, your saved Skill builds will not transfer to your Nebula account, because they will act as different accounts.
    The solution for this is to register a account and connect your Steam and Nebula accounts from Profile -> Connected accounts.


  • Added categorized view of the challenges that can be found at the top of Challenges page. There are 5 main categories Weapons, Heists, Special Units, Equipment and Miscellaneous.
  • Your challenges progress will be updated automatically every 5 minutes while you are at any of the challenges pages and you are logged in with a Nebula or (and have connected a Nebula account).
  • Functionality for manual marking of completed challenges is removed.


  • Your progress will be updated automatically every 5 minutes while you are at Achievements page and you are logged in with a Steam, Nebula or (and have connected Steam and/or Nebula accounts).
  • Nebula accounts also updates achievements progress from all platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Epic Games).